The Fall Skincare Shuffle

Fall Skincare Shuffle

I don’t have classically combination skin in the oily-T-zone-dry-cheeks sense. My skin can get oily in the T-zone, but I also have dry patches in between my brows and around my mouth/chin area. Not classically combo, but combo (and complicated!) nonetheless.

While it leans oily in the summertime, it definitely starts to get dry and lackluster in the winter. As we head into the colder months, I’m starting to incorporate products that pack a seriously hydrating punch into my routine. For now, I’m sticking with a lighter moisturizer for daytime (when I can still get oily), but a few key hydration boosters have been shuffled in here and there.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is fairly unique in its category, although overnight masks have been an emerging category in recent years. It’s a super-rich and moisturizing mask that can be used in place of a night cream. My skin always feels plump and moisturized the morning after I use this. What dry spots?

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is the skincare oil for those reluctant to embrace the oil trend. It’s lovely on its own or combined with a night cream to really give the skin a hydration boost. It has also helped to even out my skin tone and is supposed to work wonders on wrinkles.

Origins A Perfect World Toner has recently replaced my usual United State toner. I opted for something a little less astringent and more moisturizing, and I must say that I’m quite liking it. It leaves my skin feeling comfortable rather than super-squeaky-clean, which is a welcome change.


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