Fall TV Picks

Fall TV Picks

I watch too much TV.

Seriously. It’s to the point where I have to write in my planner what I intend to watch and when. But it isn’t my fault! There are too many good TV shows out there these days. Here’s my roundup of the ones I’ve been enjoying most this premiere season.

1. Supernatural is back for season 10. 10! I started watching when season 2 was airing and immediately got way too invested in the characters and storyline. I’m the first to admit that sometimes, the storyline and writing are a bit ridiculous. But then Dean makes a pop culture reference and I laugh and forgive…

2. The Walking Dead is one of the most stressful shows on TV. In previous seasons, there were always a few characters that I didn’t especially care about or even wanted to die, bad as it sounds like Shane and Lori. But now, I actually care about everyone and would be genuinely upset if they died. This means that the stakes are higher than ever, and my Sunday nights are scarier than ever!

3. I got into New Girl this summer by marathoning it and waiting a week (or, in this case, several!) between episodes might actually kill me. When it comes to characters, I can’t decide who I like better: Jess or everyone else. I’m especially pleased that Coach is now a fixture in the show because I genuinely think that he’s the funniest one. This is essentially the only light comedy that I watch regularly and I love it.

4. Gotham is brand new for Fall and I started to watch it because Dylan was interested, but now I actually enjoy it. It features Bruce Wayne pre-Batman and aims to explain how Gotham became a hub of supervillain activity and eventually needed a vigilante. Jada Pinkett-Smith is my absolute favourite in this show. It’s worth watching as much to see what Fish Mooney’s next political move will be as it is to see what her next makeup/fashion combo will be. Seriously.

5. How to Get Away With Murder is Shonda Rimes’s newest. I’m not big into Grey’s or Scandal, but this show is awesome. It’s so suspenseful and exciting that I’m able to put aside my knowledge that court doesn’t ever actually work the way it does in that show (and others on TV). Viola Davis is absolutely incredible – I adore that she’s a multidimensional female character. She’s strong, commanding and brilliant, and also has moments where fear and sadness take hold. If you like heartpounding TV, this is for you.

6. Criminal Minds is another show that’s in its 10th season, I believe. I’m mostly enjoying the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I didn’t think I’d like her character very much because I didn’t like her in Ghost Whisperer, but she’s smart and quirky and fits in well with the team. I still miss Paget Brewster but I will keep watching because I’m super invested in Hotch, Reid, Garcia, Morgan, and JJ.



  1. So many good shows! Gotham and how to get away with murder are so intense I love it

  2. I initially disliked New Girl during it’s first season because Jess, to me, seemed overly quirky but I gave season 2 through the current season a chance and it’s one of my favorites to watch. I tend to stay away from dramatic/intense/scary shows because I can’t handle it anymore, which is weird since I loved getting scared when I was younger. If you have time for another show, or shows, I would recommend Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Black-ish.

    On a side note, congratulations on your engagement and I’m really sorry to hear about Diego. I never used to be a cat person but within the past couple years my family adopted one cat then an additional two within a year of the first adoption. I don’t think our family would be the same without them.

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