The NARSissist Palette

First Photo closed and open Narsissist

When this palette came out, beauty bloggers everywhere collectively died of excitement.

I was less enthused. I hadn’t really tried Nars shadows beyond the Cordura duo, but I wasn’t that excited about the price tag. Really – a neutral palette that makes the Naked Palettes look like a steal? At $85, this baby isn’t cheap. And frankly, I think it could’ve been better.

Labelled Narsissist

Let’s start with the reason I got the NARSissist Palette and the highlight of it for me: Coconut Grove. It’s a deep, dark, neutral brown that I’d been eyeing from Nars for a while. I’ve found myself reaching for it frequently to define the outer-V and crease area, even if I’m not using the rest of the palette in my particular look. It’s not super pigmented, but it’s still buildable and blendable.

all swatches

“Not super pigmented” should probably be the tagline of this palette. The lighter shades show up quite light and powdery on me, and most of the darker shades pull kind of grey. When I try to make a comprehensive eye look with this palette, it sometimes ends up looking muddy, depending on how (and how much) I blend.

In spite of this, there are some shades that I really, really like, and I like them enough to make this palette worth it for me. Madrague (L) is an amazing browbone highlight for me – I love that it’s matte and cream-coloured as opposed to shimmery or stark-white. Madrague (R) is a nice blending shade for the crease for me. Fez is a quintessential “me” colour – bronze, slightly shimmery, and very very close to my skintone. I use Pandora (R) often over winged liner to smooth over my mistakes. And, of course, I love Coconut Grove.

It’s annoying that the shade names aren’t written on the package, but it contributes to the overall sleekness of it I suppose. And I won’t even go on a rant about the annoying Nars packaging.

Overall, I’d recommend swatching it if you can. If your love of the pretty, unique shades compensates for the lack of pigmentation and butteriness, it’s definitely worth the money. I like having it, but I wouldn’t call it a must-have.

If you’re interested, Sephora still has them in stock online.


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