My New(est) Go-To Wintertime Polish

Chanel Rouge Noir

I’ve been considering picking up this polish for a few years now, but I figured hey, it can’t be that unique – I can probably dupe it!

Boy, was I wrong.

I thought Essie’s Bahama Mama would be a close dupe, but it fell tragically short in the formula department. That was the last straw – I caved and bought the real deal.

Chanel Rouge Noir is a deep, almost-black red that is absolutely perfect for the colder months. There’s just something about a dark polish that’s so chic, and this one’s no exception. I have become a little obsessed: last week, I took it off and almost immediately reapplied it.

The brush and formula are dreamy. It is a little chip-prone, but the trick to a lasting manicure with this shade is to paint the free edge of the nail (also known as wrapping the tip!). This extended my wear by three days in addition to just generally improving the overall look of my nails.

Let’s face it – this is probably going right back on my nails next Sunday.



  1. Ohhhh that color is beautiful, Bahama Mama is nice but doesn’t come close to this! I’d say you might want to try Essie Wicked if you were looking to dupe this. I’m going to post about it soon 🙂

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