My Curly Haircut Experience!

Haircut Before and After

Back in the fall, a variety of factors encouraged me to cease wearing my hair straight and go curly. It’s what my hair wants to do and I got tired of fighting it – but I only realized that after I went curly…

So I dedicated myself to figuring out what my hair wants and needs at this length and state…but that’s another story. This post focuses on another step I took: getting a haircut.
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My 2013 Beauty Favourites!

With the end of the year comes about a million end-of-year posts. Although I’m away from most of my beauty products and all of my photography equipment, I didn’t want to miss out! So I decided to compile a list of some of my favourites from 2013. This was originally going to be one post, but it snowballed and I’ve decided to make it two: beauty and non-beauty favourites.
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Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil Light (+ where the bleep did I go?!)

Josie Maran Argan Oil Light

After a brief hiatus (during which I worked the retail pre-holiday rush — it was cray, but that’s another story), we’re now back to our regularly-scheduled programming. Over the next two weeks, posts will come about every other day, just because I don’t have access to my regular equipment and backdrops.

Anyhoo, you may recognize the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light* from my DIY Lavender Curl Refreshing Spray post. I got it as a 100 point perk because I’m a Sephora VIB. I have to say, this is one of the better perks I’ve gotten from this program.

Anyhow, everybody and their cat knows that argan oil is a bit of a hot ingredient when it comes to skin and hair care these days. You find it in skin and body products, hair products, lip balms, cuticle oils, and even makeup. Josie Maran has made herself synonymous with it, along with MoroccanOil. I love MoroccanOil for my hair, but I’m a bit hesitant to put such a fragrant oil on my skin (I have a thing about scents in skincare products — don’t judge). The argan light is supposed to be a lighter version of argan oil that is perfect for oilier or combination skin and for very thin or fine hair. I got it for my skin, and I’ve tried it on my hair and it’s lovely! What I love about argan oil — especially this light one — is that it sinks right in and doesn’t leave my skin greasy.

Now, the full size of this is in the $50 range, so I don’t know if I’d go out and buy it right away once this one is done. I might price out regular, non-Josie-Maran pure argan oil at the health food store, because I’ve a suspicion that when it comes to Josie’s, you’re paying for the name and prestige more than the product itself.

Although I have to say, overpriced or not, the little pipette/eyedropper is awesome and I’ll probably keep the bottle to refill with whatever argan oil I do buy. It makes me feel like a scientist.

DIY Ombré (or Sombré) Hair!

L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Kit DIY

So about a week ago, I decided I wanted to sombré my hair. Sombré is a more up-to-date variant on the ombré trend, where the s stands for ‘subtle’ or ‘soft’. Instead of a harsh brown-to-blond transition, sombré entails brown-to-lighter-brown. I’m cheap and crafty, so I figured I’d do it myself.

Hair background: my hair was unprocessed. I had dyed the underside of my hair purple (and later, blue) before I chopped it all off about four years ago. That was the only time I dyed my hair, and then, I got it done in a salon.

To decide whether I really could do this or not, I watched approximately 42 million YouTube videos (approximately) of girls ombréing their hair with the L’Oréal Wild Ombré kit. (The most helpful one was this one.) From these videos I concluded that I could probably do it and achieve the result I wanted, which was chocolatey/caramely brown tips that fade into my nearly-black natural hair.

Now, the photo on this kit is absolutely terrifying. I didn’t want that result. Her hair looks scary. It’s all orangey and there’s a line where the ombréness stops and her natural hair starts. No. Bad. This is what I wanted to avoid.

And I did!
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DIY Lavender Curl Refreshing Spray

DIY Lavender Curl Refreshing Spray

A leaf through The Great Gatsby will tell you that lavender is renowned for its freshening properties (lavender is mentioned a lot in that book because their society is lacking in emotional and spiritual substance and fulfillment, and lavender ‘masks’ it). Several curly hair product companies sell lavender refreshing sprays. Refreshing sprays are great for second (and third and fourth and fifth) day curls because the water reactivates the product in the hair, hydrates, and lets you reshape the curls to reduce frizz.
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Exam & Essay Chic: Turban Headbands

headband collage

I feel like this is the perfect time to post this. I’m just coming off of my first (and only! yay!) all-nighter of first semester. (And thank god for that — I did way too many of these last year.) I’m heading into the exam season, which is, oddly enough, when I get the most sleep. I like exams. You study, you go in, you perform, it’s done. (It’s the waiting for marks after that I don’t like. Blech!)

Anyway, I’ve got a few exam-survival-style posts coming up, which is appropriate because this is just the beginning.

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November Favourites!

November Favourites
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November has come and gone. To celebrate (or mourn?), here are my November favourites!

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Curly Hair Chronicles: Pre-Wash, Wash, and Condition (& some surprisingly calm Supernatural thoughts)

All Three Products

So, I’ve got curly hair.

Proof. Curls.

Proof. Curls.

I’m a ‘mixed’ girl: between my mom and dad’s families, there’s loose curls, tight curls, and pin-straight hair. I ended up with a happy medium, with mid-sized curls. In terms of pattern, I’m a 3B in the curl world.

This past spring, I was browsing the beauty book section in my local bookstore when I stumbled across Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl: The Handbook. I read that thing cover to cover – I love this kind of thing, so for me, it was a super interesting read.

The weirdest and most intriguing tip in this book is central to the Curly Girl Method, the method that Massey recommends to get healthy, frizzless curls: ditch shampoo.

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DIY Ribbon Hair Ties

DIY Ribbon Hair Ties

Ribbon hair ties hit the market bigtime a year or two ago. They were touted as being gentle on hair (because of the soft elastic and no metal closure) and super cute on the wrist.

When I went to the mall to try to get in on the trend, though, I found that they retail for more than a dollar each. For hair ties I’m probs gonna lose by next week? Ouch.

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