The Cream Shadows For Lazy People

Rimmel ScandalEyes full
Rimmel ScandalEyes sideways

I’m lazy, and often, I’m lazy with my makeup. Read more!


The NARSissist Palette

First Photo closed and open Narsissist

When this palette came out, beauty bloggers everywhere collectively died of excitement. Read more!

The Early-Class Makeup Edit

School Makeup Essentials

I’ve found myself in a bit of a makeup rut lately, largely because I usually do my makeup around 7:30 every morning. I’m so not a morning person that I usually don’t feel particularly creative or adventurous. Read more!

More Drugstore Cream Shadows

Leathers Maybelline Colour Tattoo closed jarsLeathers Maybelline Colour Tattoo open jars

The beauty world goes into a frenzy whenever Maybelline releases new Color Tattoos, and with good reason. It’s very difficult to find budge-proof cream shadows in a wide variety of shades at the drugstore, and Maybelline’s are some of the best I’ve found, drugstore or not. [Read more…]

The Neutral Gal’s Intro to Colour

New Mac Eyeshadows

I recently made a trip to the MAC counter to pick up two new shadows to fill my 15-pan palette. Although that means that the palette works out to costing over $170 once filled, I like MAC’s system for two reasons.

The first is, of course, that you can choose your own shades. The second is that you can decide virtually any time, “Oh, my makeup life is boring. Why don’t I pop by MAC and grab a new colour?” Not a lot of readily-available brands offer that at such a palatable (ha ha) $11 price point. Read more!

An Unexpectedly Impressive Shadow

Nars Dual Intensity Shadow openNars Dual Intensity Shadow closed

I get really excited about beauty products. If I see an imminent product launch on Temptalia or Instagram and that product tickles my fancy, I often mark the release date (in my mind or my iCal) and hope I don’t die of excitement between now and then.

The Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows were plastered all over Instagram and blogs for weeks ahead of their launch, but for some reason, I just wasn’t all that excited. Maybe they didn’t photograph well. Maybe I just don’t feel the same about monos as I do about palettes. Maybe I laughed at the whole “dual intensity” gimmick because literally any shadow can be used wet or dry for different effects. (I know that last one is true.)

Well, I should have been excited. Read more!

The Big Drugstore Palette

Maybelline The NUdes case

Drugstores tend to follow the trends of high-end makeup brands: Clinique-style jumbo lip pencils, Urban Decay Naked Skin-style foundation, and now, a big nude palette. Read more!

The MAC Duo Edit

Two Most Used Eyeshadows

I have a lot of eyeshadows.

What can I say? I like to have options based on outfit, overall look, mood, season, and so on and so on.

I have primarily neutrals, with some pinks and purples – and even some greens! – thrown in there. But by far, my most used shadows are neutrals. I just find them most comfortable and flattering for me personally, and I know a lot of makeup-wearers – though by no means all – feel the same way.

Today I thought I’d share my two most used eyeshadows of all time: MAC’s Patina and Cork. Read more for details and swatches!

One-Shadow Eye Look featuring L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in “Amber Rush”


Every so often, I stumble across a shade so beautiful that it can be worn on its own for a minimal makeup look that still packs a punch.

I love those shades. MAC’s “Patina” is one for me – just the right a mount of eye-brightening and subtlety.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in “Amber Rush” is one such shade – and it’s so gorgeous that I just had to share. Read more!

MattifEYE: Matte Eyes for Beginners

matte eye full look
Matte eyes can be both intimidating and beautiful.

When I first delved into the world of matte shadow, I was pretty intimidated. I soon discovered that the matte eye look gives you some new options, though. Using matte eyeshadow to create a look means that the shapes you create will be the focus, since there’ll be no glitz to distract the eye. It also means that you can place shimmery products on other features – like cheeks or lips – without looking like Ke$ha. Read more!