My YSL Collection

YSL collection uncapped

Usually, when I spend $40+ on a beauty product, it’s a palette of some sort.

But in recent years, I’ve been occasionally spending more than I’d care to admit on luxury lip products that make MAC lipsticks look cheap.

YSL beauty products are about as high end luxury as I’ll go, and I fully acknowledge that the prices are ridiculous. We’re talking around $40 for a lipstick, and $50 for the famous Touche Éclat. Read more…


The Underrated Lip Balm

Clinique Lip Balm closedClinique Lip Balm open

When it comes to lip products, I’m a little high-maintenance. Or, rather, my lips are. There are very few products that agree with them and don’t make them flake and peel like crazy. Even so-called hydrating formulas don’t work for me. As such, it’s remarkably difficult to find lip balms that work. When I do, I have to share. Read more!

The “My Lips But Pinker” Lipstick


closed tube

I can’t be the only Canadian makeup lover who stalks drugstores waiting for products I heard about from US bloggers to drop, can I? Read more!

Benefit’s LolliTint

LolliBalm Closeup

We all know I’m super picky when it comes to lip products. (Exhibits A, B, and C.)

But here’s the thing: I love the idea of a lip and cheek stain. Love it. But so far, I’ve yet to find one that’s blendable enough that I can blend it out on my cheeks without leaving it looking splotchy. Benefit’s Tints are no exception: they set too quickly, making it incredibly difficult to get a good blend going no matter what tools I use to do it. Read more!

Bold, Matte Liquid Lipstick Done Right


Remember my Sephora Cream Lip Stain fail?

In that post, I mentioned the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets.

These. Are. Incredible. Read more!

The One That Had All The Potential

Sephora Cream Lip Stain Full Face
Do you ever come across a product so pretty, so promising that you just hope with every fibre of your being that it will be good?

Maybe that’s a tad dramatic. Read more!

My Perfect Everyday Lip Product

S&G Lip Gloss

Almost everybody has one: that lip product that’s super flattering, comfy to wear, and a joy to apply.

This is mine. Read more!

The Hydrating Glosses

Hydrating Lip Glosses

Up until a few months ago, I was convinced that I hated lipgloss. The stickiness and that dry feeling left behind by some formulas (I’m looking at you, MAC Lip Glass) were my major complaints. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got news for you: I’ve tracked down the most non-sticky, velvety smooth, moisturizing glosses at a variety of price points. Read on – your lips will thank you.

How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick thumbnail

If you struggle with fussy bold lip colours, look no further. I’m sharing my best tips for the lazy person’s red lip!

Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm in “Black Tea and Blackberry”

Jack Black Lip Balm

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know how I feel about lip balms.

I’m very picky about them. Recently, I’ve discovered that I don’t like a lip balm that’s a cream formula; that would explain why I didn’t get along with the Dior Crème de Rose or the Nuxe Rêve de Miel.

Gel or jellyish formulas, however, I’m good with. That explains why I love the Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve so much. As much as I say that I’m never going to try another lip balm again, I can’t help it. So here I am. Read more!