The Birthday Wish List

Birthday Wishes

It feels like the year just started, but really, I turn 21 in three weeks.
My mom seems to have found my Christmas Wish List interesting and helpful, and she asked if I’d do a birthday version. So here we are. Read more!


The Do-Not-Buy List Vol. 2

The Do-Not-Buy 2

Here we go again! I’ve thought long and hard and come up with a few more products that I just cannot recommend. This time, it’s super focused on body and skin care. This is because I tend to research makeup products heavily before I purchase them, so I tend to like them.

The first product I really did not like was Bioré Pore Strips, particularly for the nose. I get clogged pores on my nose, and when I was younger, I bought these all the time, desperate to get rid of them. I would get pretty good results with this; my nose would be clog-free for a few days. However, my nose would always get super itchy afterwards, but I thought this was normal. I was using them with a friend once and she didn’t get the itchy nose. It was then that I realized I was probably having a minor allergic reaction to the glue in them, so I stopped using them. I’d recommend making your own natural ‘paint on’ pore strips with gelatin and milk, or using Origins’ Clear Improvement Mask. Much gentler on the skin! Read more!