Benefit’s LolliTint

LolliBalm Closeup

We all know I’m super picky when it comes to lip products. (Exhibits A, B, and C.)

But here’s the thing: I love the idea of a lip and cheek stain. Love it. But so far, I’ve yet to find one that’s blendable enough that I can blend it out on my cheeks without leaving it looking splotchy. Benefit’s Tints are no exception: they set too quickly, making it incredibly difficult to get a good blend going no matter what tools I use to do it. Read more!


The Greatest GWP I Have Ever Seen


I rarely take advantage of GWPs. Rarely. I’d much rather you give me 20% (or more) off a product and we leave it at that.

But sometimes, sometimes, they’re worth it. Read more!

The Do-Not-Buy List Vol. 1

The Do-Not-Buy List

With a beauty obsession hobby comes the inevitability of not liking products. Luckily, most high-end stores like Sephora have phenomenal return policies where even if you’ve opened a product and tried it, they will take it back if it didn’t work out for you.

As a result of this return policy, I don’t actually have most of the products I regret buying, as I’ve taken them back and exchanged them for products I now love. Nonetheless, here’s my cautionary tale: the products I would not recommend. (Do note that these products might work for you – they just didn’t work for me!) Read more!

EpicProduct!Review: Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Gimme Brow

Before trying this product, I had never used a brow gel. My thought was that setting them wasn’t necessary because the few hairs I have weren’t likely to rebel.

Then I came across a brow gel that is supposed to beef up your brows, not just set them. Benefit Gimme Brow is kind of like a fibre mascara for your eyebrows. It’s got teeny tiny tinted fibres in the formula that adhere to your natural eyebrow hairs, making brows look fuller. Since I’m crazy about fibre mascaras, I had to give this brow gel a shot.

I had high hopes, and I was not disappointed!
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Review: Benefit Rockateur

Benefit Rockateur box

Today marks the beginning back-to-normal, daily blogging. I had a nice holiday season and am super excited to be back. Hooray!

To kick off a new year of regular blogging, I’ll be reviewing a fairly new product that’s still quite hot at the moment: Benefit Rockateur blush.

Benefit Rockateur is marketed as a rose gold blush. Like other Benefit boxed powders, it is scented and it comes with a flat but slightly fluffy brush in it (that I don’t use it and don’t find to be particularly good).
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New & Exciting Products

As a lover of all things beauty, I keep my eyes open for new launches. I don’t like to buy items right away, because that’s when I tend to regret the products the most. Like some kind of makeup-crazed lion, I like to lie in wait of the inevitable onslaught of YouTube and blog reviews (check the links in the sidebar for my trusted sources!). Nonetheless, I still get excited about the products when they’re launched and in the starting stages of release. Here are a few I’m currently excited about!
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