The Strangest Beauty Product

imPRESS Manicure

When I received the imPRESS Manicure VoxBox in the mail, I was reeeally unsure of the concept. Press-on nails are a trend I remember from my childhood and they weren’t great then. But who knows, right? This is 2014, maybe the concept has been improved upon! I was wrong.


Review: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Total Knockout VoxBox

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure All Three Polishes

Last week, I received my first Influenster VoxBox, which featured Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polishes*. The VoxBox itself was called the Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox, and before receiving this box, I hadn’t really tried many Sally Hansen polishes. I looked to SH for nail tools and treatments (I adore the Instant Cuticle Remover), but not really for actual colour. I must say, then, this opportunity was exciting.

The box contained three polishes: ‘Red My Lips’, ‘Jaded’, and ‘Pat on the Black’. Immediately, I knew that ‘Pat on the Black’ and ‘Red My Lips’ were right up my alley; ‘Jaded’ was less so. I’m not a fan of greens or blues because I find that they tend to look a bit sickly on my skintone.
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