The Skincare Series: Toner

Skincare Series Toner

The next step in a complete skincare regimen is toner. I’ve blogged about how important toner is, and I also mentioned that it’s important to choose a toner that’s made for your skin type. That’s not easy though, so here are some tips to get you started! Read more!


The Importance of Toner

Origins United State Toner

Today’s post is on the importance of toner.

I feel like it’s a thing that a lot of people skip, and that it’s generally a misunderstood product and step in a good skincare regimen.

The purpose of toner is to remove leftover dirt and debris after you cleanse. Even with a product like the Clarisonic – which I use daily – you’ll usually still end up with dirt and makeup left on your face. Because it’s a liquid, toner can penetrate the pores and clean them out really well. When I tone, I still see lots of dirt coming off on my beloved Shiseido cotton pad. (…and I have to admit, in a gross way, it’s really satisfying…like pulling off those old Bioré pore strips!)
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