The Big Drugstore Palette

Maybelline The NUdes case

Drugstores tend to follow the trends of high-end makeup brands: Clinique-style jumbo lip pencils, Urban Decay Naked Skin-style foundation, and now, a big nude palette. Read more!


Review: Maybelline ColorShow The Nudes Collection Nail Polish in ‘Warm Me Up’

Maybelline The Nudes Collection Polish in Warm Me Up

We all know I’m crazy about nude nail polish. When I’m not sure what to wear, it’s what I reach for. It’s super versatile, makes nails look clean and tidy, and goes with any outfit you could dream up. It’s an especially nice alternative to pastels for Spring if it ever comes.

I suppose that’s why Maybelline released their The Nudes Collection for Spring. It features new nude shades of their famous Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows, cream blushes, and – most exciting in my opinion – nail polish. Read more!

The Glam Night Out

The Glam Night Out Collage

As much as I love natural-looking makeup, some events in life just call for the full shebang. Read more!

The Do-Not-Buy List Vol. 2

The Do-Not-Buy 2

Here we go again! I’ve thought long and hard and come up with a few more products that I just cannot recommend. This time, it’s super focused on body and skin care. This is because I tend to research makeup products heavily before I purchase them, so I tend to like them.

The first product I really did not like was Bioré Pore Strips, particularly for the nose. I get clogged pores on my nose, and when I was younger, I bought these all the time, desperate to get rid of them. I would get pretty good results with this; my nose would be clog-free for a few days. However, my nose would always get super itchy afterwards, but I thought this was normal. I was using them with a friend once and she didn’t get the itchy nose. It was then that I realized I was probably having a minor allergic reaction to the glue in them, so I stopped using them. I’d recommend making your own natural ‘paint on’ pore strips with gelatin and milk, or using Origins’ Clear Improvement Mask. Much gentler on the skin! Read more!

Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser primer

I was so super excited to find this product at WalMart last week. I’ve been hearing about it online for a few weeks now. Like Baby Lips before it (which I actually could not stand), Maybelline Baby Skin primer has been eagerly snatched up and reviewed by beauty bloggers everywhere. So I’m on the bandwagon, even though at first glance, there are several aspects of this product that just aren’t my thing.

First is the name: Baby Skin? Those freakin’ babies with their perfect skin. So smooth and poreless and good-smelling and they aren’t even self-aware enough to appreciate it. I don’t know, there’s just something a little bit creepy about it to me. Read more!

10 Products I Would Repurchase

10 Products I Would Repurchase
The concept is simple, ubiquitous, and mildly terrifying to product junkies everywhere: if all your makeup disappeared, which ten products would you repurchase (first)?

I’m going to keep mine simple and narrowed down to only makeup (simply because there are probably 10 hair products alone that I regularly use and love…*cough*).
Read more!

The Five-Minute Face Edit

Five Minute Face

This past week was my first week of school after Christmas break, and my sleep schedule was still not quite right. On Friday morning, even though I set my alarm to give myself more than enough time, I ended up with twenty minutes to get ready (including a shower and breakfast!). Despite my panic, it resulted in a cool edit of six must-have products for when you’re in a rush (or if you just like to get your makeup on without much fuss!).

  • A versatile concealer is, in this situation, your complexion-perfecting best bud. My choice is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in ‘Amande’ (bonus points for the shade name being one letter away from my name). It works under the eyes and to cover dark spots or blemishes.
  • A setting powder that is appropriate for your skin-type is another great idea. I like Rimmel Stay Matte powder because it keeps me matte throughout the school day. If you’ve got dry skin, a loose or brightening powder might be a better option.
  • A fuss-free blush helps give the whole face a pick-me-up without taking up too much time. Benefit Rockateur is like a blush and highlight all in one, and you can pack on the colour without ever looking cakey or overdone.
  • An eyebrow product is a tempting step to skip, but eyebrows frame the face and make you look pulled together. I use NYX Nude Matte in ‘Betrayal’ as a brow powder. It’s inexpensive and super blendable.
  • Mascara is a step I cannot skip. (I think I curled my lashes on Friday morning, too.) It gives you a little definition and helps open up your eyes. In a rush, I skip my mascara trifecta and just go for step 1: Maybelline’s The Rocket Waterproof.
  • A tinted lip balm is something you can swipe on on the way out the door. It’s hydrating, and gives a sheer hit of colour without much effort at all. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in ‘Coral’ is working nicely for me these days, but I’ve also tried (and nearly finished!) the Berry shade.

    And that’s it! Six products and five minutes for the days where you’re running late but don’t feel like going completely bare-faced.

  • Review: Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos

    Maybelline Colour Tattoos

    So when these cream shadows came onto the market a few years back, everybody flipped out. Particular shades were virtually impossible to find because they sold out so fast (I’m looking at you, Bad to the Bronze!) and as they released more shades, those got snapped up quickly too.

    When you try one out, it’s easy to see why Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows are so popular. They come in tons of pretty colours, ranging from neutrals to pigmented brights and darks to a silvery white. They stay on well. All that for under $10? Omg.

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