The Sheer Base for Drier Skin

NARS Tinted Moisturizer Bottle

I love skincare – more than I love makeup. What’s more, I like the way my skin looks – I invest in glow-inducing products and I want to let that shine through most of the time. That’s why I like sheer foundations and BB creams so much; I can get a little bit of coverage just to even things out, but still can see the healthy glow and texture to my skin. Read more…

The NARSissist Palette

First Photo closed and open Narsissist

When this palette came out, beauty bloggers everywhere collectively died of excitement. Read more!

The Early-Class Makeup Edit

School Makeup Essentials

I’ve found myself in a bit of a makeup rut lately, largely because I usually do my makeup around 7:30 every morning. I’m so not a morning person that I usually don’t feel particularly creative or adventurous. Read more!

Better Call Backup


I recently went into my backup stash to grab a mascara, and I thought I’d give you a peek at what products I love too much to ever be without. Read more!

The 5-Minute Face Revisited

The 5-Minute Face my face Read more!

Nars Blush in ‘413 Blkr’

Nars 413 Blkr Blush pan

When the 413 Blkr collection came out to celebrate their opening of a new flagship store (I believe that’s the situation), I wasn’t all that interested. I felt like the 413 Blkr blush* in particular I could dupe in my collection and didn’t really need another of. Read more!

Nars Matte Multiple in ‘Exumas’

NARS Matte Multiple Exumas

I remember when Nars released their first round of Multiples. I was really into Orgasm blush back then – to this day it remains the only blush I’ve ever hit pan on. But I remember looking at the Orgasm Multiple and thinking, “holy glittercakes, Batman.”

Okay so maybe I didn’t really think that, but I never really found most of the original Multiples all that appealing because they are full of glitter. [Read more…]

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick

NARS Dolce Vita

When I was looking for my MLBB shade with a helpful beauty advisor at Sephora, she had me try on Dolce Vita by Nars. I had never tried Nars lipstick – their bases and blushes are what they’re famous for, so I had never really bothered. But the shade was a really beautiful brown-pink that is super sheer but buildable. It wasn’t quite MLBB, but it stuck in my mind, and I would try it on every time I went to Sephora after that.

During the Murale gift with purchase event, I finally picked it up. And I’m glad I did. [Read more…]

The Beauty Radar 2

The Beauty Radar 2
It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these posts, but today I have a rather eclectic collection of items I’ve been eyeing. Read more!

The Glam Night Out

The Glam Night Out Collage

As much as I love natural-looking makeup, some events in life just call for the full shebang. Read more!