The Skincare Series: Cleanser

Skincare Series Cleanser

This is the beginning of a new series I’m starting. I thought I’d share everything I know about skincare through product types and skin types.

Skincare is way more important to me than makeup is. Since I’ve started taking care of my skin, I’ve actually started to wear less makeup. It sounds strange for someone who likes makeup so much, but it’s true. I only wear foundation and concealer in select areas because I think that natural skin showing through is beautiful – imperfections and all. Skincare is all about making your skin look its best when it’s bare.

The first step to doing that is cleanser. There are cleansers on the market that address specific skin issues – like aging, dark spots – but I find it’s more effective to choose a cleanser based on skin type rather than skin issue. Since a cleanser is only on your skin for about two minutes a day, it doesn’t have enough contact time to actually address something like dark spots; that’s why its primary job should be balancing and cleaning the skin. Read more!

The Do-Not-Buy List Vol. 2

The Do-Not-Buy 2

Here we go again! I’ve thought long and hard and come up with a few more products that I just cannot recommend. This time, it’s super focused on body and skin care. This is because I tend to research makeup products heavily before I purchase them, so I tend to like them.

The first product I really did not like was Bioré Pore Strips, particularly for the nose. I get clogged pores on my nose, and when I was younger, I bought these all the time, desperate to get rid of them. I would get pretty good results with this; my nose would be clog-free for a few days. However, my nose would always get super itchy afterwards, but I thought this was normal. I was using them with a friend once and she didn’t get the itchy nose. It was then that I realized I was probably having a minor allergic reaction to the glue in them, so I stopped using them. I’d recommend making your own natural ‘paint on’ pore strips with gelatin and milk, or using Origins’ Clear Improvement Mask. Much gentler on the skin! Read more!