DIY Ombré (or Sombré) Hair!

L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Kit DIY

So about a week ago, I decided I wanted to sombré my hair. Sombré is a more up-to-date variant on the ombré trend, where the s stands for ‘subtle’ or ‘soft’. Instead of a harsh brown-to-blond transition, sombré entails brown-to-lighter-brown. I’m cheap and crafty, so I figured I’d do it myself.

Hair background: my hair was unprocessed. I had dyed the underside of my hair purple (and later, blue) before I chopped it all off about four years ago. That was the only time I dyed my hair, and then, I got it done in a salon.

To decide whether I really could do this or not, I watched approximately 42 million YouTube videos (approximately) of girls ombréing their hair with the L’Oréal Wild Ombré kit. (The most helpful one was this one.) From these videos I concluded that I could probably do it and achieve the result I wanted, which was chocolatey/caramely brown tips that fade into my nearly-black natural hair.

Now, the photo on this kit is absolutely terrifying. I didn’t want that result. Her hair looks scary. It’s all orangey and there’s a line where the ombréness stops and her natural hair starts. No. Bad. This is what I wanted to avoid.

And I did!
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