The Empties…Round Two!

Empties II tn

I love a good empties video. It’s time to clear out the beauty trash under my desk and tell you what I thought!


The Fall Favourites Tag

Fall Favourites Tag Thumbnail

Hey, remember when I used to make YouTube videos?

I’m finally back with a new one!

When school started in September, it completely disrupted my film-edit-upload schedule. Then I did film a video, edited it, but it wouldn’t export on my new computer. Excuses, excuses.

In any case, I’m back and hoping to get back in the swing of things. I’m starting it off with a video all about my favourite things this Fall.

August Favourites

August Faves 2014 tn

August is gone and with September comes favourites time! I keep it (somewhat) succint this time around…more or less.

The Empties Vol. 1

Empties Thumbnail

I love a good empties video. It’s fun to see people’s trash what people used up, liked or disliked, repurchased or will avoid for the rest of eternity. Read more!

A Drugstore Foundation for Oily Skin (+a concealer flop)


New foundation/concealer lines at the drugstore get me super excited. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for decent foundation that holds up in the heat!

The Lip Product Addict Tag


I’ve filmed the Lip Product Addict Tag, complete with swatches of everything I talked about.

Makeup Hacks

thumbnail makeup hacks

Today’s video features my favourite makeup tricks. Some of these will change your life. (Not literally, of course.)

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag Thumbnail small

I’ve a new video for you! Watch me show the contents of my travel makeup bag while combatting outdoor noise menaces such as birds, runners, cars, and trucks.

My Favourite YouTubers

Youtubers Collage

Needless to say, YouTube is an amazing place to learn about makeup. It’s taught me pretty much everything I know about it, and introduces me to new products and techniques every day. I figured I would share some of my favourite beauty and fashion vloggers, as well as some fun entertainment vloggers as a bonus at the end. Read more!