Cake Pop Tips

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I have recently discovered that I love making cake pops, which is super cool because everyone in my household loves to eat them.

These little suckers (see what I did there?) are all the rage these days, and retail for around $2 each. Some say they’re the new cupcakes, but cupcakes will always have a special place in my heart.

I’ve made them twice so far, and the second time around went much better than the first because I kept a number of things in mind. I considered posting about my recipe and then realized that a) I don’t really have one, and b) the web is already saturated with cake pop recipes. So instead, here are my top tips to make some amazeballs (see what I did there?!) cake pops.

(Before we start, if you don’t know already, you should know that a cake pop consists of cake crumbs and icing rolled into a ball, stuck with a stick, and dipped in candy coating.) Read more!

Weird, but Good: Maple & Bacon Cupcakes


Recently, I discovered CupcakeJemma on YouTube (through one of those pesky ads, believe it or not!). She’s a British baker with her own bakery, and she’s also affiliated with Jaime Oliver. I watched a ton of her videos, and it was love – she’s funny, clever, and insanely creative. She makes baking and cake decorating youthful, fun, exciting, and accessible. I like her so much, I ordered her cook book.

That being said, there are few recipes in this world that I see and feel like I have to try. Mostly I just stick with the classics – vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and so on. I am not by any means an adventurous baker. But Jemma’s video for Maple & Bacon Cupcakes made it look so delicious that I couldn’t not try it. It’s bacon in a cupcake, and as a fan of both those things, I got excited. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update IV: Cake (Again), Writing, & a Very Annoying Rose


It’s hard to believe that July is over: favourites time crept up on me, which is one way I keep track of time whizzing by in the summer months. However, throughout July, I also kept track of time on a week-to-week basis with my cake decorating course. I’d wake up every Tuesday and have to bake a different treat and whip up oodles of buttercream frosting tinted (mostly) pastel colours. Then, in the evening I’d haul it all into the car and drive to Michael’s. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update III: Flowers & Borders


Rather than focusing on how to decorate a particular baked good, this week’s class taught techniques that’ll be useful for virtually every baked good, really: flowers and borders.

For that reason, we were allowed to bring in pretty much whatever treats we wanted, so long as they had about 3 inches of decorating surface. I chose butterscotch brownies, because yum. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update II: Cake


This week’s course focused heavily on prepping and decorating a cake, and was much more demanding in terms of bringing items from home. I needed the cake itself, and my own buttercream in two consistencies (thin for spreading on the cake, and medium for decorating the cake), a serrated knife, and piping gel…all this in addition to last week’s supplies.

Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update I: Cupcakes

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned via Twitter and Instagram that I’d signed up for Wilton’s Building Buttercream Basics cake decorating course. Read more!