Glow-ly Cow!

Caudalie Serum

I know, I know. Bad pun. But stick with me, will ya?

If you’ve read my skincare posts before, you’ll know that I’m especially fond of radiance-boosting products. (Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. And that’s just for starters…) Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed with getting my skin as even and glowy as I possibly can. Between naturally uneven skintone and acne scars from even the most minor of breakouts, it can get kind of dicey. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update III: Flowers & Borders


Rather than focusing on how to decorate a particular baked good, this week’s class taught techniques that’ll be useful for virtually every baked good, really: flowers and borders.

For that reason, we were allowed to bring in pretty much whatever treats we wanted, so long as they had about 3 inches of decorating surface. I chose butterscotch brownies, because yum. Read more!

An Unexpectedly Impressive Shadow

Nars Dual Intensity Shadow openNars Dual Intensity Shadow closed

I get really excited about beauty products. If I see an imminent product launch on Temptalia or Instagram and that product tickles my fancy, I often mark the release date (in my mind or my iCal) and hope I don’t die of excitement between now and then.

The Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows were plastered all over Instagram and blogs for weeks ahead of their launch, but for some reason, I just wasn’t all that excited. Maybe they didn’t photograph well. Maybe I just don’t feel the same about monos as I do about palettes. Maybe I laughed at the whole “dual intensity” gimmick because literally any shadow can be used wet or dry for different effects. (I know that last one is true.)

Well, I should have been excited. Read more!

A Does-It-All Primer That Won’t Break the Bank

Garnier Primer

We beauty lovers live in a pore-obsessed world. I always laugh at products that claim to eliminate pores because pores themselves are so essential; without them we’d probably overheat and die or something like that. Read more!

The Big Drugstore Palette

Maybelline The NUdes case

Drugstores tend to follow the trends of high-end makeup brands: Clinique-style jumbo lip pencils, Urban Decay Naked Skin-style foundation, and now, a big nude palette. Read more!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update II: Cake


This week’s course focused heavily on prepping and decorating a cake, and was much more demanding in terms of bringing items from home. I needed the cake itself, and my own buttercream in two consistencies (thin for spreading on the cake, and medium for decorating the cake), a serrated knife, and piping gel…all this in addition to last week’s supplies.

Read more!

All About Brows


At last, I’ve perfected my Anastasia Dipbrow technique…and today I’m sharing! Read more!

Bold, Matte Liquid Lipstick Done Right


Remember my Sephora Cream Lip Stain fail?

In that post, I mentioned the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets.

These. Are. Incredible. Read more!

A Drugstore Foundation for Oily Skin (+a concealer flop)


New foundation/concealer lines at the drugstore get me super excited. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for decent foundation that holds up in the heat!

Wilton Cake Decorating Course Update I: Cupcakes

Closeup 2 blue

A few weeks ago, I mentioned via Twitter and Instagram that I’d signed up for Wilton’s Building Buttercream Basics cake decorating course. Read more!