Taking It Off (+ The Walking Dead made me sleepy and confused)

I don’t wear a lot of makeup every day. But when I do, it’s very important to me that I get it all off.

On top of that, I don’t like oil-based makeup removers. Having oil on my eyelids makes me feel like I’m a baby that’s just been born, fighting through uterus-goo (ew, but at least I’m honest, okay?).

That’s why, when cleansing waters entered onto the skincare scene, I jumped for joy.

For those who don’t know, a cleansing water is a magical cleansing solution capable of magical things. The ones I have encountered are scentless or very lightly scented, clear, and have the consistency of – at the risk of stating the obvious, Legolas-style – water. Unlike water, however, it has the power to break down dirt and makeup, including light layers of waterproof makeup (it isn’t going to cut through 4 coats of waterproof mascara, but it does take care of primed and set foundation and eyeshadow). Best part? No greasy residue.

This stuff is magical.

This stuff is magical.

The first cleansing water to hit it big on the beauty scene was Bioderma. About a year ago, American YouTubers were going nuts for it, ordering it online and picking it up from overseas. Me? I rode my polar bear through 4-foot-high snow over to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up a bottle from the shelf. #canadianperks

This stuff is expensive, and there are certainly cheaper cleansing waters out there, but one bottle this size endured through eight months of near-daily use – to me, it’s worth it. After Bioderma, no other cleansing water quite does it for me.

When I’m wearing a lot of makeup or feeling particularly grimy and/or lazy, I usually can’t be bothered to pick up cotton pad, pick up Bioderma, dump Bioderma onto cotton pad, hold cotton pad on eye, etc etc (yes, I can be that lazy.) In situations like this, I like to have makeup wipes on hand.



I’ve tried fabled MAC ones, and they’re okay (but for the price, just “okay” isn’t okay). So I went into Target (the day my local one opened, I might add!) and grabbed their Up and Up wipes.

And it was looooove.

They smell nice. They’re very moist. They get the job done. They’re like $6. Done deal! Plus, they’ve got lots of varieties – sensitive ones, exfoliating ones, heavy-duty ones, bedtime ones. I’ve gotta catch ‘em all! (At that price, why not?!)

What’s your favourite makeup removal method?

In other news, The Walking Dead was decidedly uneventful…


…especially compared to last week’s, which I would’ve called a very strong episode. This one was a bit of a snore.

Idk about you, but an episode following a homicidal maniac around is not my cuppa. I never liked all the Woodbury episodes, I just wanted to know what was going on in the prison. And I know that it’s necessary to the plot to know what happened to the Governor after he went cray and shot up his comrades, but I just hate him so much that I don’t really care about his storyline.

Consciously, at least.

While I was watching, the oddest thing happened. While he was reaching for that chessboard under the bed, I wasn’t hoping a zombie would creep up and devour him – I was hoping it wouldn’t?

And when they showed the various signs of his self-loathing – folding the picture to cover his face, burning the picture – I kinda felt bad for him?

And then when the little girl finally ran into his arms in front of the zombie herd – which first of all, what child that age doesn’t have some kinda self-preservation instinct? – I kinda was happy for him? Because he kinda got a non-zombie daughter back?

So this episode was successful at creating sympathy for the Governor for me, I suppose. But I’m not happy about it. I still want to hate him. But I think the reason why I can’t hate him is that I feel bad for him… Or maybe it’s that he’s such an interesting character. I guess I hope he sticks around?

As a final note, when that one lady in the truck was inching suggestively towards him, I was literally screaming “NO” at the screen. Apparently, no matter how interesting I find him, I still don’t want the ladycharacters to do the sex with him. It’s for their own good, really; look what happened to Andrea.



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